Prices of services provided by our shooting range for 1 person / 1 hour:

  • Rent of a shooting place for gun owner + instructor: 14.00 EUR per hour (1 person). Buy here.
  • Rent of a shooting place for gun owner: 9.00 EUR per hour (1 person). Buy here.
  • Rent of a gun: 3.50 EUR per hour (1 person)
  • Price of a single shot (handgun): 0.70 – 1.10 EUR
  • Price of a single shot (rifle): 1.04 – 1.50 EUR
  • Price of a single shot (pistol – machine gun): 1.20 EUR

Price calculation example for 1 person, if the person collects the set himself:

14.00 EUR + 3.50 EUR + (ammo quantity x price of a single shot)
If you want to try more than one gun: 14.00 EUR + (number of selected guns x 3.50 EUR)+ (ammo quantity x price of a single shot)

You can buy the shooting sets, create your unique set or buy a gift coupon here:

Build your set
Shooting sets
Gift voucher
Mūsų klientų


  • We would like to thank you for a truly friendly, warm welcome, consulting and training on how to use a gun. A special thanks foes to Your instructor who did his work absolutely professionally, to a high standard and maintained friendly atmosphere throughout. Thank you for a great evening.
    Valdas (visitor of the Shooting Range)
  • I had an amazing time, found out that I shoot quite well. Special thanks to the instructor for attentiveness, care and wittiness.
    Liudvika (visitor of the Shooting Range)
  • The time flies in the Shooting Range, and when you hit the bullseye, then you feel amazing, unbelievable place. Thank you for existing and for offering all sorts of novelties to try. I will be back for sure.
    Dalia (visitor of the Shooting Range)
  • It is a great way to test your aim and to experience an adrenaline rush! I recommend it to everyone! Great time and superb feeling guaranteed!
    Indrė (visitor of the Shooting Range)
  • Adrenaline and the small of gunpowder! We had a great time shooting. A surprise for my friend for her birthday was wonderful! We left and we wanted to come back right away.
    Olga (visitor of the Shooting Range)
  • Thank you! Amazing time, well-maintained guns, professional instructor who provides information clearly and thoroughly! Thanks to your professional instructors we will be back! Recommended!
    Rasa (visitor of the Shooting Range)