Do you want more adrenaline? The shooting range allows you to complete your desired shooting set from more than 40 different weapons. Everything is very simple: you choose the weapons that you want and the number of cartridges on the Internet, and you come to shoot into “Ekskomisarų Biuras” shooting range.

It is not easy to shoot the real weapons, so the instruction of the shooting professional and the rent of the shooting place are included in the offer price. We guarantee – it will be hard to forget the shooting experience with real weapons!

Target shooting site rental and instructor assistance: 14 € / 1 hour per person.

The cost of renting a gun: 3.5 € / 1 hour per person

When choosing guns for a shooting session, the kit is valid for one person only. To purchase another set for an additional person, pay for the completed selection and select again. One voucher is for one track reservation per person.

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