Why is pre-registration for shooting required?
We do not keep weapons at the shooting range and we deliver the weapons, ordered by the customer, at the agreed time.

What should be done if I am registered, but I know that I will not be able to come to shoot?
It is important to notify as early as possible using contact phones (Tel. +370 5 210 23 40 or +370 5 212 41 61) and fix the exact date when you will be able to arrive. You can call on weekdays, during office working hours.

What payment method should be chosen when buying online services?
If you have a card of a bank, operating in Lithuania, choose the payment method “Bank transfer” and you will be directed to your electronic banking. Otherwise, choose PayPal payment method.

What is the period of validity of the bought gift coupon and / or the firing kit?
When a gift coupon is purchased, it's important to register for a shooting session within 3 months from the date of acquisition of services. We consider the shooting set or the gift coupon invalid, if the customer registers and does not arrive.

Can a minor come to shoot?
Yes, a minor can come to shoot, but he / she must be accompanied by one of the parents. During registering for the shooting, the age of the minor should be reported, and the proper weapons according to his / her age will be offered.

What should be the child's age for shooting?
According to the criterion of reasonableness.

Are additional trainings needed in order to shoot at the shooting range for the first time?
Assistance and supervision of the instructor during the shooting session is included in the price of the service.

What weapons can be used in a shooting range if the client has his own weapon?
It is possible to shoot with handguns and shotguns at the shooting range. It is not possible to shoot with rifles because the length of the shooting range is 25 meters.

What weapons can I try with a gift coupon?
The gift coupon is valid for all our shooting services.

How often do security worker courses and weapons for self-defence acquisition courses are organized?
Courses are usually organized once a month. It is needed to call the specified contact phones regarding the exact date (Tel. +370 5 210 23 40 or +370 5 212 41 61).

What is the duration of weapons for self-defence training courses and when they take place?
We have two groups of the courses: day courses and evening courses. Courses are completed within 5 business days.

Do I have to come to your office to register for courses or it is possible to organize documents at a distance?
It is possible to purchase courses online or to come for it to our office, Eigulių St. 14, Vilnius. After purchasing of the courses online, you will receive a registration form and after filling of it, we will send the training materials, the contract and other relevant information, related to the courses, according to your specified e-mail address.

What documents are required when registering for security guard courses and weapons for self-defence courses?
Only the identity document is required during registration. Other documents will be needed later; you will be informed about it during the training.