Shooting range

Have you ever hold a combat weapon in your hands? Do you imagine how much adrenaline rushes, when you squeeze the trigger? After every shot you will feel the intoxicating smell of gunpowder, your hand will spring back because of recoil, and you will feel the adrenaline rushing into your blood.

Shooting-range of UAB “Ekskomisarų Biuras” situated in the building of track-and-field manege is a completely different thing comparing to recreational shooting-ranges or shooting-ranges in sport centres. All our guns are combat weapons. We guarantee strong emotions and adrenaline!

You can celebrate your birthday or give an unforgettable party to your friends in our shooting-range. You can organize conferences, presentations of existing and brand new products for your clients or company employees in a conference hall admitting up to 40 people. It is especially convenient, whereas rooms for conferences and entertainment are situated in one place.

Our skilled instructors will help you to learn how to use a gun for self-defence, how to shoot in repeat fire mode, shooting without pointing, shooting in non-standard situations. On your request we will help you to choose a desirable gun for self-defence; we will render all kinds of consulting related to guns for self-defence or service. Our shooting-range is conveniently located in Vilnius, it works on convenient for you time, even on weekends. Various discounts are available (for permanent clients, large groups, etc.).

Basic Rules for Safe Firearms Use you can find here.




Shooting-range SUBSCRIPTION

All who have guns for self-defence are invited by the shooting-range of Ekskomisarų Biuras to purchase shooting-range subscription from January 12... Plačiau

Buy a gift coupon in a Foxbox terminal

New! In any FOXBOX terminal you can buy a gift coupon of our shooting-range in half a minute and you will be able to make series of shots into a target with real 9mm combat pistol Glock 17... Plačiau